Decorative concrete

Stamped concrete is the process of adding pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. The finished job has the attractive three-dimensional two-toned impact of slate or stone.

The main advantages of stamped concrete are that a high quality finish and image can be achieved at a very reasonable price and in a relatively short period of time. The product has the look of a paved area and does not have the problems of structural movement and weed growth common with other forms of paving.


  • Versatile design options – include a variety of colors, textures, and other decorative finishes. make your driveway part of your overall landscaping plan with the look of slate, cobblestones, sandstone or a host of others.
  • Durable – Means your concrete driveway will hold up in any weather, and under heavy loads. You can park a sports car or a heavy van without worry, in any temperature.
  • Lasting beauty – Your concrete driveway will last a lifetime, and even grow stronger with age.
  • Brighter surface – An impact feature, your outside lighting will be more effective when it’s reflected off a bright concrete surface.
  • Make a good first impression – In today’s upscale home markets, a concrete driveway says, “Quality Construction” before you even get out of the car. In the real estate business, this is called “curb appeal”, and with concrete, you get plenty of it.

Foundations and slab work

Concrete is the ONLY choice for a strong, structural foundation. Let us give you a quote on your next project With our Duraform brand panel form system we can pour your foundation in an efficient manner. (4′ or 8′ x 8″ concrete walls)

ICF We supply and install Logix brand Insulated Concrete forms. We have experience in foundation only or can bring your home or office building to the roof with ICF.

We specialize in engineered foundations. We will NOT pour concrete walls or flatwork that doesn’t contain re-bar….despite what you might see elsewhere, wire mesh or plastic fibres can’t provide enough added strength to concrete to help it withstand our northern Canadian winters with multiple freeze/thaw cycles

Slab Jacking

Don’t replace your Sunken Concrete, Raise it! And save!
Take a walk around your home or business. If you have a problem with sunken, cracked, or unlevel concrete, we have the solution!

Many people have discovered the incredible cost savings available to them by using Slabjacking methods….Why replace perfectly good concrete when you can simply have it repaired for a fraction the cost, hassle, and all around mess associated with replacing it.

Slabjacking is a method of injecting a grout by pressure to raise and restore sunken settled concrete, from Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Garage Floors, Industrial Floors and Interior Floors.


  • A pattern of 1-1/2″ holes are drilled throughout the sunken slab at strategic locations.
  • A grout-like mixture is pumped under the slab. Once any void is filled, the grout becomes pressurized and hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height.
  • The holes are then patched with concrete to match the existing surface as closely as possible.

Excavation and backfill

With our Caterpillar 426C Integrated Tool carrier we are setup to provide the following services:

  • Foundation excavation and backfill
  • Driveway excavation
  • Snow removal
  • Waterline replacement
  • Material handling (4wd forklift)